Creative france

This is the story of France today – creative, innovative and constantly evolving.
It’s the story of thousands of French entrepreneurs who continue to reinvent themselves, demonstrate unrivalled creativity and master the art of adapting


This competition will put the spotlight on one of France’s most innovative entrepreneurs, both at home and abroad.


To enter this unique competition, tell the story of your company’s evolution and you could become the new face of Créative France.


From January 29th to February 13th, make a one-minute video to show how your business model is both creative and groundbreaking.

In one minute, explain to online viewers and the jury how your company is disrupting the market and how it embodies the values of Créative France.


Post your video with the hashtag #CreativeNext and gather as much support as you can from your Twitter followers to give yourself the best chance of being one of the 10 finalists.


The overall winner will be chosen by the final jury on February 15th and will serve as the inspiration for a new Créative France visual.


It’s also about the wealth of skills and expertise in fields such as medicine, technology, culinary art, aeronautics and education – the foundations of today’s Creative France.


The winner of #CréativeNext will enjoy exclusive publicity and a creative campaign which showcases its profile, and be featured in an interview that will be broadcasted on social media and creative.businessfrance.fr.

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